Outlaw In-Laws Moves in Stateside

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Media Headquarters is please to announce OUTLAW IN-LAWS is coming to American broadcaster Style Network. The cable net has licensed 39 episodes of the program, which helps solve conflicts between spouses and their in-laws. Produced by Media Headquarters in Toronto, Canada, the series was originally commissioned by Slice Network in Canada.

“Outlaw In-Laws, with its drama-filled ‘before’ and transformed ‘after’ is a perfect fit for our current programming lineup,” said Katie Buchanan, VP of programming and acquisitions for The Style Network in a statement.

The series follows internationally renowned advice expert Ellie Tesher as she visits homes suffering from family feuds and gets them back on track. Distributor Picture Box also recently sold the series to MTV Finland, and anticipates additional sales on the series in the next few months.

“Outlaw In-Laws is a hit format for Slice in Canada and we’re happy to see it premiering in the US. This innovative series exposes the reality of interfering in-laws and offers great solutions to broker peace,” said Robert Cohen, Executive Producer, Media Headquarters.

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