MHQ Announces Greenlight For New Unscripted Series Salvage Kings


Demolition Docu-Series to Feature the Salvage Team at PriestlyDemolition,

Showcasing Extraordinary Salvage

TORONTO, October 2,2018 Media Headquarters is pleased to announcethe greenlight for Salvage Kings, anexciting new docu-series produced for Corus Studio’s HISTORY®. Following the salvage crew at Priestly Demolition, an Ontario-basedfamily demolition business, Salvage Kings is slated to premiere in Fall 2019.


Media Headquartersis thrilled to work on this new series, which will take audiences on real-life treasurehunts for valuable items in incredible places,” said Robert Cohen, CEO and Executive Producer. “I can’t wait for viewersto meet this talented, dynamic team of salvagers, who are passionate aboutturning rubble into riches.”


At the centre of Salvage Kings is PriestlyDemolition, a family business with a big heart and hundreds of demolition jobsa year. When buildings are slated to be torn down, that’s just the beginning ofthe story for Priestly’s expert salvage crew, which includes Head of SalvageTed Finch, Foreman Justin Fortin and rookie Julien Savage. They race againstthe clock hunting through abandoned buildings and dangerous work sites forhidden treasures — just before the walls come down. What are they looking for?Well, if it can be repurposed, restored or turned around for a buck, they wantit. If an object has a history, it has a future, and that future is worth topdollar to this team.


Salvage Kings is produced by MediaHeadquarters in association with Corus Studios for HISTORY®.

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